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Crisp meals green smoothie

About us

We at Crisp believe that good quality and healthy food can be scrumptious and tasty but most importantly affordable.

Our Johannesburg based company embodies our mission for providing excellent quality meal preparation that is 100% locally manufactured and delivered within the Gauteng area. Without compromising on the highest service levels based on our motto of Tasting the difference.

These conveniently pre-packed meals can be reheated in the microwave.
Our passion and dedication for food is brought to life through our meals. We have developed a delicious range of frozen meals that are not only made using the freshest ingredients but are also; chemical, preservative and additive free.
We are here to make life easier while providing convenience to increasingly busier lives. Our selection of meals, cold pressed juices and plant based shakes cater for a variety of palates that everyone will enjoy.

We at Crisp Bakes believe that a cake symbolizes togetherness, generosity and celebration.

Our Johannesburg based company handcrafts every baked good and cake with the utmost care and attention to detail. Using the freshest quality ingredients to create a delicious and flawless product that will be enjoyed by all.
The convenience of ordering a cake is seamless whilst we offer the highest level of service and delivery within the Gauteng area. 

We at Crisp Blooms believe that we are more than just flowers, we are a unique experience that believes in bringing you joy and making ones day

Our collections of flowers will change every 8 weeks to allow for the new seasons buds whilst creating beautiful seasonal arrangements
We take unique care to ensure our flowers are not only farm to bouquet but transported with the utmost care within the Gauteng Area.

Affordable without compromising our quality

How does this work?

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Sit back relax – delivery to your door (JHB & PTA)

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Taste the difference
We take the cake
Bloomingly beautiful

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Why Taste the Difference?

The new state-of-the-art Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliant
bespoke kitchens, consisting of brand new technology, have been designed for maximum
productivity and best hygiene practices.

Food safety and HACCP manuals are inspected and updated regularly. Product and process
quality is constantly ensured.Food safety is guaranteed.

All occupational safety standards are monitored in each market where we operate with the
goal of optimizing our performance in all areas. The standards we adhere to at all levels of the
organization are set, followed and enforced by our leadership team.