All food preparation is prepped with a state of the art kitchen, using only the finest wholesome and freshest ingredients in a controlled hygienic environment.

ISO and HACCP accredited, skilled staff compliment from development chef, head chef, executive chef, kitchen manager to a brigade of highly skilled chefs.

Chicken Pesto Pasta Our pesto pasta will leave you going nuts for more. Packed with all the flavour from real nutty pesto this NUT free pesto pasta is delicious and a well-balanced meal.
Filleto Pasta Mouth-watering fillet enrobed in our signature sauce topped with a generous portion of crumbled feta is the perfect lunch or dinner treat.
Hearty Lasagne A delicious traditional lasagne, made with layers of (love) hearty Bolognese, and our homemade Napolitano sauce, layered perfectly. The perfect home cooked and comfort meal.
Roasted Veggie Lasagne This delicious veggie lasagne is made with mixed grilled veggies that are layered with our homemade Napolitano and the perfect mix of cheese that will cater to everyone’s palate.
Spaghetti Bolognese Good old fashioned Spaghetti Bolognese made with real whole peeled Italian tomatoes and a blend of traditional herbs and spices. A true Italian classic that is wholesome, meaty and packed full of flavour.
Spicy Chicken Pasta This mouth-watering pasta is made with our signature spicy cream sauce coating tender chicken strips, topped with grated parmesan to pack in all the flavour.
Veggie Pasta A delicious mix of healthy veggies tossed in our wholesome Napolitano sauce topped with juicy olives and a delicious crumbled feta.