Protein ice-cream 

Your sweet little something.

 – High in protien
 – No added sugar
 – Low in carbohydrates
 – 100% natural
 – No added preservatives
 – No added colourants


Chocolate Donatello Afterdark is the sexiest of late-night treats. She's bold, rich and decadent - a true Italian kiss. Donatello will leave you wanting more, every time
Peanut Butter A moment with Zoey is a taste of childhood. Sun-kissed & playful, salty & delectable, you'll want more than a spoonful of this golden girl!
Vanilla Camilla This is no plain Jane. Vanilla Camilla is a voluptuous & full-bodied vixen, the perfect partner for sunset strolls on the beach. Lace up those blades, you're in for a ride.
Vanilla Pancake Limited Edition, 500ml Berry Swirled Vanilla Pancake protein ice-cream
Vegan Chocolate Love makes the world go round but Maca Maya makes the trip worthwhile. She's a lover, a fighter and a bold-hearted warrior - enjoy the sweet journey